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Mobile Wallet & Loyalty

Banks, loyalty management providers and payment processors are all potential partners with BeMotion Inc. as consumers quickly shift their attention. These consumers aren’t looking for new tech, they are looking for a utility that improves their life. They are looking for information, deals, and savings. We can help give them what they’re looking for in partnership with your company.

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A March 2014 report found a significant number of mobile users who reported an interest in using phones to receive deals and discounts, suggesting that “tying these services to a mobile payment service would increase the attractiveness of mobile phones as a means of payment.........But very few, if any, of the major mobile wallet providers have done a great job integrating into store loyalty programs.

Figuring out how to combine those elements will be key way to create a seamless shopping experience on mobile that customers actually want to use.

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MCN Mobile Wallet

Our MCN can be deployed in a number of ways:

Engage your customers much more deeply by launching or integrating a free service with loyalty, information and deals from potentially thousands of small and large local businesses.

Innovate an entire new revenue channel, discovering incremental and recurring income from both National and Local merchants that are now able to reach out directly to your customers.

Enable relevant shopping content to become the leading reason for your customers to stay loyal and engaged with your company.

Provide a new and powerful reason for the local business community to start to look at your company in a different way as you become the market leader and innovator in helping them drive business through modern advertising formats.