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In many markets around the world close to 90% of all retail sales are still taking place in physical stores. Shopping center, wifi and mall operators have an amazing opportunity to leverage this consumer traffic in meaningful ways for both their merchant tenants and for the eventual evolution and growth of their business. By deploying an MCN delivered by BeMotion Inc., these companies can quickly deliver an engaging and fast growing tool for shoppers to get and stay connected to the shopping mall long after their visit has ended.

Deliver a shopping app that has already been proven and which will immediately gather new shoppers.

Position your company as a leading innovator in the industry by empowering tenants of all sizes to have unlimited access to a marketing tool that dramatically over indexes in terms of performance.

Begin to cultivate a digital relationship with shoppers that can open up new and potentially very large new revenue opportunities with third party advertisers, payment processors and more.

Leverage the marketing efforts off all retailers within a mall by allowing them to uniquely manage their own storefronts.

Give new life to malls and airports or downtown areas by enabling internal marketing teams to push out real time and geo targeted messages to impulse shopping opportunities.